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Coolsat 7000 PVR USB
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Sonicview 360 Elite
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We are a authorized dealer of Sonicview
We are a authorized dealer of


Neusat SP 6000The NEUSAT SP-6000 This receiver has not been working up to our standards and has very bad customer reviews so we will not be selling this unit and we donít recommend anyone buying this receiver. We recommend the Sonicview 360 Premier it is the best selling receiver on the market and it has excellent customer reviews. You may want to go to to find out more info on FTA receivers it is a free educational forum for educational purposes only.

Product name Price $ Order
Neusat SP 6000
Neusat Discontinued
Sonicview premier

Take a look at the Sonicview 360 Premier
It is equipped with a PVR (Personal video recorder) just add a external USB Hard drive and start recording.


We are a authorized dealer. Dedicated to bringing you the hightest quality products with the best software programming on the market. We strongly recomend the Sonicview unit to anyone who has never installed a receiver before. It is also recommended to anyone who would like to save time on future downloading and updating. Consumers & Installers have named the Sonicview #1 in it's class.

Sonicview 360 Premier Is BEST selling unit on the market guaranteed!
USB Programmable
PVR Record to a hard drive
6000 Channel Tuner Memory of TV & Radio Programmable.
Great Processor
True Hardware Multi Blind Scan
Super Easy To Install! Lifetime free forum file support.
Automatic Fine tuning!
Extra Large Heat SYNC For ultra cool operation.
EPG for on screen channel information. (TV Guide)
100% Non-Detectable
  • Video Games Included Featuring "PacMan" & more. Use remote as controller.
  • Multi Picture Supporting (4,9,10,13 or 16 Still Pictures)
  • Zoom in/out in TV channel
  • Oscilloscope/Spectrum Analyzer selectable signal meter
  • Beep sound available with signal meter
  • Audio Viewer in radio channel
  • Free 2006 Advanced 4-1 Universal Remote ($99 Value) Receiver, TV, VCR & DVD.
  • MPEG-2 Digital & Fully DVB Compliant..
  • Input Frequency 950-2150 Mhz.
  • 1 LNB input (f-type), If signal loop through.
  • Quick Channel Switching Time With Fade, Freeze or blank options.
  • Easy installing program setup with multi scan.
  • SCPC & MCPC receivable from C/Ku- Band satellites.
  • Teletext supported by VBI and OSD.
  • Languages Supported (English, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, German, French, Spanish,
  • Russian, Polish, Italian, Czech, Greek, Dutch, Portuguese, Hungarian - Total 15
  • Languages).
  • Diseqc 1.0 and Diseqc 1.2/1.3 control compatible.
  • Firmware downloaded through RS232 from PC to Set and Set to set. USB Stick
  • Uploads (advanced)
  • Easy-to-use OSD with Friendly icons like in PC's operating systems.
  • On-Screen Mode Display (OSD) Great visual display is always good to have.
  • S-Video technology Experience a new level of clarity.
  • New Parental lock Feature that beeps out profanity. Channels not for children.
  • Quick Start Setup & Super fast USB Upgrades.
  • Video Bypass Technology Run other electronics through the NEUSAT.
  • Well Ventilated Runs cool, no overheating.
  • Sleep Timer Set the sleep while watching TV late save on electricity.
  • Channel Output Switch (3,4) Simple switch in back to work on either channel your TV is set at.
  • Last Channel Recall! Hope back and forth between channels.
  • Favorite Channel Recall! Go straight to your favorite channel with the click of a button.
So many features with these ADDED BONUS'S below!
  • Expert Customer Service with over 9 years in the business!
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